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EPA’s Office of Underground Storage Tanks (OUST)

February 12, 2018
Dear Tribal UST Colleagues: 
I am writing to let you know that our newly-developed online exam for class A and B designated underground storage tank (UST) operators is now available on EPA’s website you will find out how to access the exam and also, you can access EPA’s guidance documents, which can help designated operators prepare for and complete the exam. 
In keeping with our commitment to tribes, we developed this easily accessible, free exam to help class A and B designated operators in Indian country meet the 2015 UST requirement that designated operators demonstrate knowledge, also known as the Operator Training requirement.  October 13, 2018 is the deadline for designated operators to verify compliance with this requirement. 
Please share this email widely with others in your tribal organizations who might benefit from accessing and using the exam.  I encourage all tribal UST owners to take advantage of this exam as a way for their class A and B designated operators to demonstrate compliance with the requirement.  After passing the exam, class A and B operators can print a certificate which can serve as proof they possess a level of knowledge about the UST systems they operate, and which they could show to an UST inspector.  Striving to ensure that designated operators are knowledgeable about UST requirements  will help keep our environment safe from underground storage tank releases. 
Although intended for class A and B designated operators in Indian country, the exam is available to anyone.  We think others, such as Indian country environmental professionals, compliance officers, Indian country credentialed inspectors, and stakeholders in the UST industry, will find the exam is useful as well.  Specifically, the exam includes: 
-         class A operator comprehensive exam covering 11 topics;
-         class B operator comprehensive exam covering 9 topics;
-         topic specific exams that allow class A and B operators to complete re-examinations on topics required due to UST systems non-compliance; and
-         specific topic exams about airport hydrant fueling systems and UST system with field-constructed tanks. 
If you have questions about our online class A and B operator exams, please contact me Jim Greeves at  or 360-753-8072. 
Jim Greeves
U.S.  EPA  WA Ops Office, Region 10
UST Inspector / Project Officer
300 Desmond Dr. SE, Suite 102
Lacey, WA 98503
FAX: 360-753-8080
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