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Message from Jamey Balousek, Chairperson

May 23, 2015

Tribal Summit Group Team -

In what seems like the blink of an eye, the TSG has grown from a small, informal gathering to a large, high functioning association. As you may have seen over the past few months, our Industry Sponsorship program has been incredibly well received and now includes 15 well respected partners collectively contributing nearly $100,000 in support to the organization!  

While there are a number of exciting initiatives the Board would love to share with you, I wanted to highlight one development that I'm particularly excited to announce. At our meeting this week, the Board unanimously approved the initiation of a custom Market Research project. While not expected to be as robust as the NACS State of the Industry Report, our vision is to duplicate many of the key data tables that will be specific to tribal sites. The Board agreed to engage a very well respected economist with significant experience in working with Tribes. Jonathan Taylor (Taylor Policy Group) will be leading this project for us. Mr. Taylor should be familiar to many of our tribes as he does a similar study for WIGA.  

The details of the project are still being finalized, but we plan to kick things off in the next week or two. Our hope is the project will take about 4 months beginning to end, but we will have a detailed timeline soon. Importantly, the success of this project depends on each of you. Without data contributed by member tribes, there is no project. Due to the confidentiality of the data, the Board agreed that a trusted third-party would be the best route to ensure comfort with sharing of the data. No member tribe (or board member) will have access to data from any individual tribe. It will all be collected and summarized for distribution by the Taylor Policy Group.  

I hope you share the same enthusiasm as I do for the direction the Tribal Summit Group is headed. The Board recently developed a 5-Year Strategic Plan that is guiding our efforts and priorities. Each of you plays a critical role to our success and by all accounts we are headed in a great direction! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve your satisfaction with the Tribal Summit Group. We'd love any input you'd like to share!

Jamey Balousek

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