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TCSA's 2018 Benchmarking Study - Tribe Participation Now Open!

February 6, 2019
Dear Tribal Convenience Store Association Members 
& Non-Members,
The Tribal Convenience Store Association "TCSA" has again retained Taylor Policy Group (TPG) to conduct a benchmarking study for 2018 to continue providing TCSA Members pertinent information for sharing best practices and leveraging our combined strengths. This year's study will be very similar to the 2016 survey.
Attached is the survey. We ask you to return it by the Friday, March 1, 2019. Keeping this timeline will give TPG ample time to analyze and compile the data to provide a study with relevant and helpful information.
As was the case last study, confidentiality is of the utmost importance. TPG will be the only party to have access to the data submitted by each participant. After TPG has analyzed and compiled the data, a report will be distributed only to the Tribes who provided completed surveys. Jonathan will present it to the participating tribes at the May 16th membership meeting. The study will report the data in an aggregate form, keeping participant's individual data confidential, but showing how that data stacks up against the rest.
This benchmarking study is a core reason TCSA exists and has been helpful to us and other past participants for understanding where our performance stands.
We hope you'll participate.
Best regards,
Chris Richardson, Vice-Chairperson, TCSA
Charlie Hensley, Treasurer, TCSA
Click here for the 2018 Survey, or click on the image below.
Forward your completed survey spreadsheet to Jonathan Taylor ONLY by February 22, 2019 to
Please let the association office know if you have any questions.
The Tribal Convenience Store Association Board of Directors
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